Wednesday, 8 February 2017

still deciding

The purpose of this blog is undecided. I had thought that I would love to sing the praises of the short story and review and recommend short stories and short story writers  but I'd actually rather spend my time writing them. 

So instead of reviewing short stories I'm going to canvas my latest inspiration for writing. This will give me something to write about while I learn the basics of blogging but it will entail a review of my blog name. I'll get to that. 

Anywhoo, what I am learning about myself as a writer is that until I really know my character - my stories, no matter how riveting I thought they were when I sat down to write, how they would intrigue and captivate- well, they fizzle if the character isn't fully formed, they just cannot be sustained.

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Kerrie said...

Well done Susan. Good start. Kerrie